Do you have some memorable travel experiences to share? If you do, then we want you in our team right now. Trilogy Travel is looking for feature writers to share their many travel experiences for thousands of people to read.

Write for Us Today

Write for Us writing notes - Write for Us

If you are interested, you can send us a short brief of what you plan on sharing in the magazine. You can deliver your message through photos, videos and even some sample works narrating your travel story.

We will be picking the most standout travel stories and have those people write for our upcoming releases. You don’t have to be a professional writer to give this one a try. All you must have is an amazing travel story you think may give value to Trilogy Travel’s 75,000 readers.

Be Part of the Team Full Time

Write for Us team - Write for Us

We are hoping to get at least 6 feature writers to join our team soon. But, out of those 6, we are open to the idea of welcoming one particular writer to join the team full time. That means you get to travel for work. You get to explore dozens of travel destinations and share everything with our readers.

It is going to be an extensive screening process as we are only looking to get one full-time employee. But, who knows, maybe all writers will bring their A-game and they just might end up with us all.

Send us an email today to start your application. We look forward to connecting with you and to work alongside you. Let’s tell the world what travelling is all about.