Travel Destinations to Include in Your Bucket List

There are approximately 195 countries in the world. But that does not mean a total of 195 destinations. There are more than thousands of places you can visit. However, not all people can do that. So, instead, we visit our top choices of destinations.

Here are three travel destinations we encourage everyone to include in their bucket list.

Bay of Islands – New Zealand

If you want to marvel upon the brilliance of God’s nature, go to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. This region is covered mainly by water with surrounding bushlands and the prettiest coastlines you will ever see.

Bay of Islands offers swimming, fishing, sailing, snorkelling and more water-based sports and activities. But, the real highlight of this region is its natural beauty. Something that will calm you right to your soul.

The breeze that filters your stress and frustration away. We are not exaggerating when we say the Bay of Islands is heaven on earth.

New Orleans – USA

From fishing, we now go to munching down on the best seafood services in the world. New Orleans is one of the most diverse destinations not only in the US but throughout the globe. The city offers a festive vibe nurtured by music and good food.

A test of their signature eats will surely give you the best dining experience of your life. Make sure to enjoy crawfish at Daisy dukes, gumbo from the Gumbo Shop and then finish it off with Beignets at Café de Monde.

Rome – Italy

Rome is an ancient city and it remains so in this modern world. There is always something new to discover here even if you’ve visited the city 50 times. Don’t limit yourself on the top places to visit you see online.

There are hidden gems all over Rome in the form of libraries, community centres, restaurants and so much more.

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