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Trilogy Travel is working with several travel partners providing a range of services from online booking to private transportation arrangements. We are in this business not for the money but to improve the tourism industry here in New Zealand and throughout the globe.

If you are in the tourism and accommodation industries, then we would like to extend our advertising arm to give you a hand to put the word out about your services and products.

Advertise with Us Today

Do you have some amazing services you want to provide to travellers but don’t have the budget for marketing campaigns? Then we would like to help you out. First of all, this marketing venture with us won’t cost you much money and we ensure you not only affordable but cost-effective rates.

Our Advertising Platforms

We circulate all advertising campaigns in our magazine, YouTube account, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. You might be reluctant at first, but we have a combined total audience of more than 600,000 online members.

We ensure you that our creative team will provide you with all the information, services and resources you need to materialise the marketing idea you have in mind. We also provide great insights on how to maximise these campaigns to convert leads into profit.

We ensure all of our partners strong ROI for this advertising venture. Contact us today to discuss how to move forward with your marketing plans to better position your business.

For more information, contact us today.