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Trilogy Travel is your go-to magazine when it comes to travelling all over the world. We bring you closer to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. We give you timeous information about each travel destination there is.

Amber Taylor from Water Delivery to CEO

Amber Taylor, from Manukau, New Zealand was working for a water supply company when she founded Trilogy Travel. After more than 5 years of saving money, Taylor managed to go on an international vacation to neighbouring country Australia. Taylor took photos, she even had a travel diary and she learned so much from the people she met along the way.

That was back in August 2014. Upon coming home, Taylor shared her experience on Facebook and then she started a blog where she uploaded the highlights of her trip. Everyone who saw the blog was quite surprised by how Taylor delivered her message and how she shared everything to the world.

Long story short, Trilogy Travel became a big blog first in her hometown and then in nearby cities and now, all over New Zealand.

Where to next?

“Where to next?” is Taylor’s signature catchphrase that she always includes in all of her blog entries. So, now we are asking you, where to next?